I really don’t post that often.

It’s hard to get into the blogging habit. I thought I would post all the time, and it feels like I post fairly often, but a glance at my archive says I only post a couple times a month. Sorry about that. I don’t plan to abandon my blog, so you really ought to follow me. Even though I don’t post often, you can count on the posts continuing.

Part of the reason my posts are sparse is that I don’t often work on miniatures, really. I hardly worked on them at all throughout college and it’s been hard to get back into it since graduation. Plus my room is always a mess lately, so I don’t feel as inspired. I can’t be creative in a mess. Guess I just need to clean my room and pull out my craft table. An empty surface never fails to inspire me.

I did buy some wonderfully bright and colorful patterned fabrics the other day. I am planning to make them into bedspreads and throw pillows. Many of them will end up on Etsy, I’m sure.

I’ve also been wanting to make a roombox. I want it to be versatile for scenes. At least one wall ought to be blank for putting patterned papers on. Another wall may have a built-in bookshelf and a deep-set window with a window seat. Every time I think about it, I want to pull out my supplies and do it immediately, but I don’t have any good wood for it. I need to be patient and buy some good MDF instead of caving in and using foam board.

Whatever I end up creating (when I finally do end up creating something), I’ll be sure to post pictures of later!

Bye for now, and happy miniaturing!