My Workspace

This is my workspace right now. I haven’t gotten into a deep project lately, so it’s very clean! If I keep working for a couple days, I promise it’ll build up fast. Anyway, Call of the Small posted about her messy workspace last night. I think it’s a problem that plagues us miniaturists. Usually I take out a bunch of furniture and accessories from a room, pull out more stuff I might want to put into it, and then set it up. Thus, my work area gets covered with furniture and such, in addition to the sawdust, ex-acto knives, supplies, and works-in-progress that are already there. Even with a great organizational system–every project is so involved, that once I get on a roll, I can’t stop to put the sandpaper away before getting the glue out.

In fact, just look at the sad state of my dollhouse! There are two more, equally messy! The bedding is on the kitchen floor!

I thought it would be nice for anyone in the modern miniature world to post some pictures of your workspace in all it’s messy glory.

Don’t stop there, though. Post pictures of your organizational system, if you have any. We could all benefit by ideas for organizing wood strips and such. Here’s my system:

I don’t work on miniatures all that often, and many times, I need a desk to be useful for other things, as well. I still live at home, so I only have a bedroom. I can’t have my craft table take up the whole room all the time. My solution is a 5ft folding table from Walmart. It fits in my closet, and when I pull it out, I have a huge open space to inspire me!

I use my desk for sewing, when I pull the machine out:

I have a closet that has two doors on either side, with some space in the middle. Hard to describe, but anyway. My dad and I installed shelves in the middle years ago. The shelves are so large for my purposes, though, and it has been hard to completely organize things without throwing lots of stuff into big boxes.

Since then, I have added lots of foamboard pieces, held together with hot glue. This subdivides my shelves so little stuff can be organized without being jumbled into a box. (Yes, those are flowers hanging upside down in my closet. I’m drying them.)

Fabric never folds well, and I can never see all that I have. I only buy tiny scraps and such, so it’s always been a challenge to store them visibly. My solution? Fold them into a 4 inch strip, roll them up, and put a rubber band around it. They can get a little wrinkly stored this way (or any other way), so I always iron the fabric before using it.

Ikea Pruta boxes are so cheap! They have been a lifesaver. $4 for a set of 17 boxes. I got two sets. They are small, and perfect for miniatures.

I decided to store my wood in the same fashion that some  stores do. I have tried to store it vertically before, but once you cut them down, they are difficult to get out. Again, I used foamboard to make dividers.

This has been a lifesaver for storing craft paints!

I hope you’ve enjoyed peeking in at my craft storage. Show us yours, if you dare!



One comment on “My Workspace

  1. Mini Dork says:

    Your work space is WAY cleaner than mine. I love the stack of china next to your house! 😀

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