A little about myself…

I’ve been doing miniatures for 11 years–hard to believe! I started the hobby when I was 12. I made my first dollhouse out of foamboard and designed it in an early 20th Century style. About 8 years ago, I built a kit (still haven’t finished the roof, haha) and decorated it in a modern style. Modern miniatures weren’t easy to find then! I ended up learning how to make a lot of my own stuff because of my small budget. After that, I restored a garage sale house, made a general store, and won a dollhouse at a miniatures show, for a total of 5 main houses. I have a $3 log cabin sitting in my closet, and my mom now has a house she plans to restore.

Several years ago, there was almost nothing on the internet about modern-style miniatures. I had given up looking until a few months ago. I discovered the New York Times article, which by that time was old news. That led me to the blogs of Call of the Small, The Shopping Sherpa, and Miniatures by Annina. Now I’m following Mini Modern, Mitchy Moo Miniatures, Modern Mini Houses, My Mini Mod Pod, Raum für RaumSnowfern, and of course, the modern miniatures pool on Flickr. And I keep discovering new modern mini blogs like margaret_loves! All of them are so inspirational. I’m excited that so many people are into modern miniatures now! I’ve been thinking about starting a blog to share my minis as well, so I made it my New Year’s resolution. As you can see, I haven’t done so well with it so far, haha. Soon I’m hoping to take a ton of pictures of my houses to share on here.

I’ve also been making a few items to sell on Etsy. I think I have enough now to open my shop, but I’m not happy with my first photo shoot of the items. I need to get some better lighting (perhaps nearer the window?) and a good background setup. Once I get the pictures and figure out how to ship stuff once it’s purchased, I’ll have my grand opening.

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  1. roguedoe says:

    I am commenting. 🙂

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